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Quarantine + TikTok Bring Us Broadway’s Newest Musical: Ratatouille



Quarantine 2020: a part of history we will never forget. You’ve heard about the great works of art and invention that have come out of past quarantines, like Shakespeare who wrote King Lear and Macbeth during a plague. Isaac Newton wrote his laws of motion during a pandemic when London locked down the city and universities closed down. However, this year will go down in history as the year that brought us Ratatouille The Musical to Broadway. Okay, well to TikTok anyway.

There are a lot of Gen Z’ers coming together right now on TikTok and creating a Ratatouille musical from scratch! They’ve written music, lyrics, staging, and more and honestly, it’s incredible. There’s been some incredibly talented users involved and I would produce this musical in a heartbeat. It’s really too bad Disney would ruin everything.

I convinced my boss to let me not work and do some deeper dives into TikTok instead in order to find the origin of how this musical was started. After some hard-hitting research, it turns out this was all started by TikTok user @e_jaccs who posted an a capella video of her singing a song called “Ode To Remy”.


A love ballad #remy #rat #ratatoille #disney #wdw #disneyworld #ratlove #ratlife #rats #Alphets #StanleyCup #CanYouWorkIt

♬ Ode to Remy – Em Jaccs

On August 10, she posted her now famous “Ode To Remy” video and people went crazy for it. Comments were saying things like, “This is gorgeous. Play this at my funeral.” (@haileyory) and “DROP THIS ON SPOTIFY” (@tuneofyourdexth). This video now has 652.5k views and more than 5k comments. 

Fast forward to today, if you search #ratatouillemusical, you’ll see it has 60M views. Since that video, TikTok users have gone on to add harmonies and orchestrations to the song and turned it into an ensemble number. On top of that, people are creating choreography, costumes, makeup, Playbill graphics, and even a whole set! The collaborations are amazing and don’t forget the show would be nothing without its crew and tech.



#duet with @shoeboxmusicals Set concept by shoeboxmusicals made into a digital 3D model. #ratatouillemusical #setdesign #stage #musical #ratatouille

♬ original sound – Shoebox Musicals

Celebrities have even jumped on board like Kevin Chamberlin who posted himself dressed as Gusteau and singing the character’s song “Anyone Can Cook”. I’m not mad about it either. Other songs have been written for Remy’s mom and dad, Colette and Linguini, and even for Ego–the scary food critic. 

There are hundreds of concepts and ideas for this show, I highly recommend getting lost in this side of TikTok and bringing Ratatouille The Musical to life. If you’re creative in any way, why not add your own submission!


#duet with @alexnaranjostuff I love everything about every single one of these I see #ratatouillemusical #ratatouille #remy #rat #fyp #WellDone

♬ original sound – danieljmertzlufft