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Joshua Henry’s TikTok Videos Made Our Hearts Go Boom!



Hamilton alumni Joshua Henry, posted two videos on Nov. 5 to his Instagram and new TikTok account which he has had since Oct. 19. If you’re an avid follower of his Instagram — as you can bet I am — you know he has posted a lot of covers with his guitar, so this isn’t unusual for him. He’s even been responsible for creating catchy hashtags to go with the current show he’s performing in including #hamjams #bigelowflows and #jamwithDuran.


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Tik Tok’n on set with @itsryanvasquez & #LinManuelMiranda 😂

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The unusual part of these videos is the fact that he is on a film set and he was with Ryan Vasquez (Hamilton, The Wrong Man) and Lin-Manuel Miranda! Okay, now I have so many questions, but the biggest question on everyone’s mind: What are these three filming?? Check out some of our theories below.

Hamilton Reality Show

So, we all know the connections here, Lin wrote the show and starred as Hamilton, Joshua played Burr and Ryan… well, Ryan has played Hamilton, Burr, Washington, Madison and Jefferson! So, they get Hamilton cast members, and they stick them all in a trailer for a week and see what kind of insanity ensues. Riff offs, debates, modulations — everything a theater reality show could want! No? Okay, let’s look at some other theories.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Okay, this one is not that much of a stretch. All three actors have been on Curb Your Enthusiasm — albeit as the Hamilton cast, but still — and maybe they’re doing a follow up episode with the cast again. Where-are-they-now, kind of thing but in Curb Your Enthusiasm land. Anyone have any better ideas? I didn’t think so.

The Wrong Man Movie

Here’s a real winner in my book, though. Joshua and Ryan starred in the incredible Off-Broadway show The Wrong Man and now I want them to be making a movie out of it. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, you better hope they make a cast album because the talent in this show was just unbeatable. It’s about a man who gets falsely accused for murder and the music is written by songwriter Ross Golan. So, where does Lin fit in here? Well, Alex Lacamoire wrote the orchestrations for the show, and as we all know, Alex did the orchestrations for basically all the music Lin has written. Maybe Lin was just stopping by and saying “hey” to his good friend, you know? It’s possible.

And the winner is…

Tick, Tick… Boom!

I have to say though, this has got to be the winner. I did a quick IMDB search for Joshua Henry, and he’s listed in the cast for the upcoming Tick, Tick… Boom! movie with Lin listed as the director. We know that Lin did an Encores production of this back in 2014 and even wrote a couple new songs for the show. Ryan Vasquez is not listed in the cast, but it’s possible the whole cast hasn’t been updated yet. Here’s hoping! The film will be distributed by Netflix with no official release date announced.