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5 Things to Know About Mean Girls



The film Mean Girls came out back in 2004 and it quickly gained fans with myriad memorable quotes like, “You go, Glen Coco!” and “She doesn’t even go here!” Even after 16 years, people are still talking about what day it is: It’s October 3rd, and on Wednesdays we still wear pink, except now, fans are wearing pink at home and joining a Broadway Mixer! Tina Fey decided to bring the movie to the stage with the help of her husband writing the music, so get in, loser, here’s five fun facts about Mean Girls on Broadway!

1. Glengarry Glen …Regina?

The director of the film, Mark Waters, actually encouraged Rachel MacAdams (who played Regina George) to watch Alec Baldwin’s performance in Glengarry Glen Ross so she could really understand the personality of Regina. We thought her performance was both menacing and grool!

2. Classmates for Life

While Taylor Louderman, Ashley Park and Erika Henningsen pretend to go to the same school on Broadway, they all actually went to the same college together IRL! The three actresses all attended the University of Michigan. 

3. Graffiti on the Bathroom Stalls 

There’s a bathroom stall set piece in the show with a bunch of graffiti all over it. However, it’s not like regular graffiti, it’s cool graffiti. It’s actually autographs from celebrities who have visited the show! Now, we’re wondering how much those bathroom stalls are worth.

4. The Script is so Fetch

Since the film came out back in 2004, things have really changed in high schools across America. New slang words have come about, new technology (hello iPhones) and even new ways to bully each other have developed — enter social media. Tina Fey actually asked high-school aged students which social media platform has the worst bullying and the most popular answer was Snapchat. Fey had her work cut out for her to update the script to include modern day references while still keeping intact the cult classic fans know and love.

5. The Real Showmance

Tina Fey, who wrote the film as well as the stage adaptation, and Jeff Richmond, music director, have been married since 2001. At a BroadwayCon panel, the cast was asked if any showmances arose and Grey Henson, who played Damian Hubbard in the Broadway musical (and earned a Tony nomination to boot!) did not hesitate to point to Fey and Richmond. Henson said, “There’s no out-showmancing them!” 

Grab your cheese fries and join us for our Mean Girls Mixer on October 3rd!