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6 Things to Know About Cher & The Cher Show



Love all things Cher? We got you, Babe! Though The Cher Show has shuttered on Broadway (RIP), we’re bringing this icon’s magic to your living room in tonight’s Broadway Mixer at 6pm, featuring a lineup of artists from this beloved musical. In honor of this special event, here are six things to know about Cher and The Cher Show.

Cher is her real name, but she didn’t always use it. 

OK, well Cherilyn is the full real name… but Cher is basically a shorter (better) version of that. Cher’s first single, entitled “Ringo, I Love You,” was released on March 4, 1964 under the pseudonym Bonnie Jo Mason.

All hail, Caesar? 

Cher continued to experiment with alternative monikers, even after teaming up with Salvatore Phillip Bono. The pair called themselves “Caesar and Cleo” for a bit before landing on the name we all know today: Sonny and Cher.

Naturally, Cher wore a see-through dress.

Naturally, Cher wore a see-through dress.

Cher has an Oscar.

Cher got on the map of Hollywood A-listers when she received her first nomination for an Oscar for her performance in Silkwood in 1984. However, she didn’t take home the top prize until four years later, when she was nominated for her performance in Moonstruck — and won.

Sketch by Bob Mackie.

Loyalties run deep.

Cher’s IRL costume designer, Bob Mackie, was brought on to create the costumes for The Cher Show, and was featured as a character in the musical. Bob Mackie was played by Michael Berresse.

Millions of feathers, literally.

The Cher Show incorporated more than 683 costumes (including those made for the understudies), which also equals 3,500 costume pieces and 6,500,000 feathers. That’s a lot of feathers.

Cher dominates Twitter.

One of Cher’s iconic tweets made it into the musical. When Lady tells Star that it might be time to “fade away gracefully,” Star retorts, “Tell that to Mick Jagger.”

Join us tonight at 6pm as we talk with some of the artists who brought this incredible story to the Broadway stage and hear what it was like to work with Cher, the person… and if she’s exactly the way we all hope her to be.