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Top 10 Roles We’d Like Eva Noblezada To Play On Broadway



From her Broadway debut as Kim in Miss Saigon to her pre-COVID-19 gig as Eurydice in Hadestown, Eva Noblezada is a star! The team at Broadway Roulette is appreciative of Eva’s participation by joining fans during the Broadway Roulette Mixers! While we wait for Broadway to return, here is a list of ten roles we’d like Eva Noblezada to play on Broadway in the future.

(Christy Altomare and cast members of Mamma Mia! Photo by Joan Marcus.)

10. Sophie from Mamma Mia!

Starting off the countdown at number ten is Sophie from Mamma Mia! This long-running jukebox musical is a fan-favorite and would be welcomed back to Broadway with open arms! Eva Noblezada has been recognized for her portrayal of complex characters, however, I think it would be wonderful to see her play someone like Sophie! Also, just putting it out into the universe how perfect would it be if Lea Salonga played Donna to Eva’s Sophie. Two former Kims and two former Éponines. A match made in heaven!

(Karen Olivo as Satine in Moulin Rouge! Photo by Matthew Murphy.)

 9. Satine from Moulin Rouge!

This firework of a role would be a perfect match for Ms. Noblezada! With Eva’s striking looks and outstanding stage presence, her take on Satine would be electric! Moulin Rouge has taken Broadway by storm and I cannot wait to see who takes over once the OBC leaves. I feel audiences would fall head over heels to see Eva play this sparkling diamond!

(Andrea Macasaet as Anne Boleyn in Six. Photo by Joan Marcus.)

 8. Anne Boleyn from Six

Don’t Lose Ur Head”, at number eight on this list is Anne Boleyn from the recent Broadway musical Six. Anne Boleyn is remembered as one of the most controversial wives of Henry VIII, however, in the musical, she is also one of the funniest roles. I would love to see Eva wear those famous space buns and showing off her comedic side on a Broadway stage.

(Sherie René Scott as Cathy in The Last Five Years. Photo by Joan Marcus.)

7. Cathy from The Last Five Years

Fans are “still hurting” for a Broadway production of The Last Five Years and would love Eva Noblezada to be “a part of that”. I believe Eva would command the stage and present audiences the depths of Cathy’s journey. Showing her exertion of being a struggling artist and be vulnerable towards her failed relationship.

(Idina Menzel as Kate in Andrew Lippa’s The Wild Party. Photo by Joan Marcus.)

6. Kate from Andrew Lippa’s The Wild Party

Up next is “The Life Of The Party”, Kate from Andrew Lippa’s The Wild Party. This is another underrated show that would be another amazing for a full-out Broadway come back! I would love to see a new immersive production take place at the Circle In The Square Theater with Eva Noblezada belting her face off as Kate.

(Carrie Hope Fletcher as Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family. Photo from THE ADDAMS FAMILY UK TOUR.)

5. Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family

It’s time to get pulled in a new direction, at the halfway point on this list I have selected Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family. The role of Wednesday requires an actress who is smart, fearless and strong, Eva Noblezada is all of those admirable qualities! Eva would knock it out of the park by performing a rendition of “Pulled” on a Broadway stage!

(Vanessa Hudgens as Maureen Johnson in FOX’s Rent Live. Photo by Pamela Littky)

4. Maureen Johnson in Rent

At number four on this list, I have selected Maureen Johnson from Rent. This is another role that I feel would be intriguing to see Eva Noblezada play. Rent is such a cult-classic show and I feel the role of Maureen would be well suited for Eva. Maureen is another dynamic role that I feel Eva could easily play!

(Idina Menzel as Elphaba in Wicked, Photo by Joan Marcus.)

3. Elphaba from Wicked

It should not surprise anybody that I would add a character from Wicked to this list. Eva Noblezada has proven herself time and time again to the Broadway community that she would be a perfect Elphaba. From her belting vocals in Miss Saigon to her complex character arc in Hadestown, Eva would bring depth and heart to the misunderstood emerald witch.

(Emma Stone as Sally Bowles in Cabaret, photo by Richard Phibbs.)

2. Sally Bowles from Cabaret

At number two on the list, I have chosen Sally Bowles from Cabaret. This classic Kander and Ebb score is a fan-favorite show that Eva Noblezada would be perfect for. I would be intrigued to see what nuances Ms. Noblezada would bring to this role especially since Sally’s arc is a common factor in the show.

(Sabrina Sloan as Angelica Schuyler in Hamilton. Photo by Joan Marcus.)

1. Angelica Schuyler from Hamilton

“I will never be satisfied” until Eva Noblezada plays Angelica Schuyler in Hamilton. As I watched the recent release of Hamilton on Disney+ I remembered how perfect the role of Angelica is. She is a confident, caring, and strong-willed character that is a role model for many fans and audience members. I feel Eva would bring the charisma and grace to play this Tony-winning role.

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