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TikTok Roasts Hamilton Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda For Biting His Lip



TikTok is the new Vine for Gen Z and even if you don’t have the app (I’m looking at my fellow Millennials) you’ve 100% seen a TikTok somewhere, anyway, whether you realize it or not. With quarantining and lock-ins still in effect, the video-driven app has quickly become an addictive way to pass the time in your home once you figure it all out.

There’s been trends within TikTok like #whatisyourname, #cloudbread, #Karen videos and even Hamilton related videos like #NobodyNeedsToKnow. Now Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is the focus of a new TikTok trend. Yes, he has a Pulitzer, three Tonys, an Emmy, a Macarthur Fellowship and a Kennedy Center Honor in his past, but he also has this photo:

Gen Z’ers on TikTok found it — as well as a few others with the same pose — and they aren’t going to let us down. Shortly after this image surfaced, Gen Z began roasting Miranda. Their videos are tagged #lmmlipbite and is most often used with the Hamilton song “Say No To This” playing in the background.

Unfortunately for Miranda, the trend has not stopped there, as TikTok’ers have also found a demo of “This One’s Mine” that he made in 2013 singing “Huuuugghheyy!” with questionable tonality. I think by now we’re all aware that Miranda’s singing is not his strong suit — but TikTok’ers are out for blood with this one. (Also, definitely don’t go look up his demo version of “Story of Tonight”. Please. I’m begging you.)

Luckily, Miranda takes it all in good humor and had a clapback of his own that he posted on Twitter where he raps a freestyle line, “Bit my lip/ Aw sh*t/ TikTok hates when I do that.”

TikTok’ers have gone to Twitter to clear up that their criticism is with love — like roasting your best friend for saying a word incorrectly or tripping over their own feet. Maybe not all of them, but a lot of them, still regard Miranda as a genius and adore his work.

We can’t all be good at everything, and Lin is out there doing his best and creating some amazing work and opportunities along the way. Miranda isn’t cancelled; TikTok is just poking fun; and this is the kind of content we need to keep our 2020 spirits up.

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