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Hugh Jackman Might Be In Your Zoom Dance Class



When dancers and non-dancers alike are looking to brush up or improve their dance skills in New York, it’s not uncommon for them to show up to Broadway Dance Center on 46th Street in the heart of the Theatre District. This was, of course, pre-coronavirus, but even now, BDC has started offering online classes so you can stay on top of your dance game from home!

Among the attendees are current Broadway performers, Broadway hopefuls, and even college, and high school students. What we weren’t expecting was that A-lister Hugh Jackman also has been attending these classes. 

Hold the phone. So, you’re telling me that any of us could be currently taking class with the upcoming star of The Music Man, and we wouldn’t even know it? That’s right, Wolverine himself has joined Zoom dance classes at BDC. 

Hugh was on with Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night when they got to talking about the upcoming production of The Music Man and how Jackman was staying ready for the show. He replied with, “I sing every day. I drive my kids crazy.” Hugh, you can sing to us every day and we won’t be driven crazy. Please, carry on.

He then went on to say, “Sometimes I do the Broadway Dance Center, you know just the $12.95? Which is sometimes, I gotta say, sometimes it’s humiliating because they’ll be like 70 people in the class and — I don’t have my video on, obviously — but I do look and it’s just basically 68 of them are teenage girls and me and I think is this weird? This is weird.”

Sutton Foster and Hugh Jackman, who will costar in The Music Man.

Sutton Foster and Hugh Jackman, who will costar in The Music Man.

It’s not weird Hugh. Just turn your video on so we can watch your killer dance moves, alright? Are we being weird now? No, this isn’t weird.

You can watch Hugh Jackman’s whole interview with Jimmy Fallon here

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