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TV and Film Lighting Company BriteShot to Decontaminate Backstage, Maybe



BriteShot, a TV and film lighting company, has patented a decontamination lighting system to help stop the spread of COVID-19 backstage on Broadway. It’s like a metal detector, but instead of detecting metal, it decontaminates anything or anyone that passes through. This tech can also decontaminate props, wardrobes, make up, lights, rigging, scenery, and even crew members(!) Basically anything that is needed backstage can be decontaminated.

According to the co-founder and VP of new product development, Roy McDonald, the set up of each 11-by-16-foot tent only takes about 10 minutes and are taken down once everything is purified. The estimated cost of the process is $3,500 per week.

So, what does this mean for Broadway shows? Will it give Broadway the chance to open sooner? There’s still the house and audience members to consider. When asked about the topic, McDonald answered to Page Six, “That’s for Broadway to figure out.” Hmm. It’s also worth noting that BriteShot isn’t used in homes because the lights emit Ultraviolet rays similar to the sun, so it’s not safe for people to stand under for long periods of time.

Could this tent help Broadway return safely? Image via BriteShot

When it comes to TV and film, the audience and theater aren’t something you have to take into consideration, but this isn’t TV and film. If the audience members can’t be purified and the house itself can’t be purified, this technology will likely have limited capabilities to help. (Also not sure where you set that up backstage in a theater…)

Broadway and other large venues have already begun to explore other ways to sanitize their facilities and it’s possible this new decontamination light system won’t be helpful enough to warrant the cost and effort of implementing. If that happens, McDonald stated if this endeavor didn’t work out, the company would simply go back to lighting. 

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