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Could Kudrow ‘Comeback’ to Broadway?



How meta can one thing be?

Lisa Kudrow has recently been the star of HBO’s show The Comeback about a formerly famous sitcom star trying to revive her career — sound familiar? Her character, Valerie Cherish, is basically Kudrow. However, in a recent interview, Kudrow said if The Comeback were in fact to come back for a third season, she would love to see Val be on Broadway.

Well, apparently this was enough to turn heads and perk up ears because a source has since told Page Six that talk of bringing Kudrow to Broadway is happening. Wait — no. I have that wrong. Talk of bringing Val Cherish to Broadway is happening. Yup, Broadway producers are wanting to bring Kudrow’s character, Cherish, to the stage. She would be playing a character, playing a character. Could this really happen?

“It’s totally meta and completely insane,” stated one anonymous Broadway casting director, while another source simply joked, “Less qualified and, frankly, less famous TV stars than Valerie Cherish have sold plenty of tickets over the years, so why not?” 

So, just know if you want to buy tickets to see Lisa Kudrow in a production of Chicago, for example, then I hate to break it to you but you’re going to be very disappointed when Val Cherish walks out. You know, because they aren’t the same person. 

While Chicago is known to hire well-known actors to play the role of Roxie Hart, its producers confirmed they were NOT in talks with Kudrow to play the leading role. “But as for Valerie Cherish making her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart, note to self: We definitely ‘need to see that!’” Chicago reps stated while quoting Val’s catchphrase. We can hear Erika Girardi, sorry, Erika Jayne, shaking her blonde extensions from here.

This whole thing seems ridiculous to me, but I do realize that Broadway is more focused than usual on plays, and plays with small casts in particular, where costs can be kept to a minimum (compared to a big-box musical, at least), so this might not be as convoluted as it sounds. We will have to wait until Broadway theaters open again to see if anything comes of this character-within-a-character schtick.

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