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10 Roles We’d Like Jelani Remy to Play



Broadway favorite Jelani Remy has made a name for himself by performing in shows such as The Lion King and Smokey Joe’s Cafe. Prior to the Broadway shutdown, Jelani Remy was starring as Eddie Kendricks in Ain’t Too Proud at the Imperial Theatre on Broadway. While the theater community has stayed in quarantine, the team at Broadway Roulette is appreciative of Jelani’s contribution by joining fans during the Broadway Roulette Mixers! While we wait for Broadway to return, here is a list of ten roles we’d like Jelani to play on Broadway in the future.

(Jelani Alladin as Kristoff and Andrew Pirozzi as Sven in Frozen. Photo by Deen van Meer.)

1. Kristoff from Frozen

Jelani Remy is most recognized for his prideful turn as Simba in The Lion King. So, how could I not resist adding a fellow Disney character to the lineup? The Broadway community was shocked to hear that Frozen will not return to The Great Bright Way once Broadway returns. Nevertheless, Jelani would make a perfect Kristoff! On stage, Jelani exudes charm, confidence, and kindness that fits Kristoff like a glove.

(Leslie Odom Jr. as Aaron Burr in Hamilton. Photo by Joan Marcus.)

2. Aaron Burr from Hamilton

“I’m willing to wait for it” because how perfect would Jelani Remy be as Aaron Burr in Hamilton. In a Broadway Bucket List video posted by, Jelani gave a tear-jerking performance of “Dear Theodosia”. That performance left the Broadway community wanting a production with Jelani playing one of his personal dream roles.

(Sam Gravitte as Fiyero in Wicked. Photo by Joan Marcus.)

3. Fiyero from Wicked

Up next on the list is the Winkie prince himself, Fiyero from Wicked. In Ain’t Too Proud, Jelani Remy brings down the house night after night with his swankified dance moves that would come in handy for “Dancing Through Life”. Jelani would make a perfect Fiyero from his dashing looks to his unique charm that he brings to every role.

(Billy Porter as Lola in Kinky Boots. Photo by Matthew Murphy.)

4. Lola from Kinky Boots

“Leave expectations at the door” and welcome Lola from Kinky Boots to the list. When Kinky Boots closed on Broadway it stunned many fans as the show was becoming a staple in New York City. As Kinky Boots remains forever in our hearts we would love Jelani to welcome us to the land of Lola one day.

(Kyle Dean Massey as Pippin in Pippin. Photo by Joan Marcus.)

5. Pippin from Pippin

At number five on the list, we have the Stephen Schwartz tuner, Pippin. Audiences would fall head over heels to see Jelani sing “Corner of the Sky” on a Broadway stage.

(Jeremy Pope as Pharus Jonathan Young in Choir Boy. Photo by Matthew Murphy.)

6. Pharus Jonathan Young from Choir Boy

Next up on the list, we have Pharus Jonathan Young from Choir Boy. When this show arrived on Broadway, fans immediately fell in love with this play as it showcased black talent and LGBTQA+ representation. I would love to see Jelani Remy bring his talents to this role one day.

(Norbert Leo Butz as Jamie in The Last Five Years. Photo by Joan Marcus.)

7. Jamie from The Last Five Years

This list is “moving too fast” if you ask me. Next up on this list is Jamie from The Last Five Years. The Last Five Years would be welcomed with open arms if returned to the New York stage. Theater fans are itching for another production and why not bring it to Broadway with Jelani in it.

(Brandon Victor Dixon as Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert. Photo by James Dimmock.)

8. Judas from Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar is one of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most famous shows that should always run on Broadway, in my opinion. I feel Jelani Remy would make a perfect Judas because he could nail these songs and bring his charm that would fit Judas perfectly.

(Cody Simpson as Dmitry in Anastasia. Photo by Matthew Murphy)

9. Dmitry from Anastasia

Next on the list is Dmitry from the classic Ahrens and Flaherty musical, Anastasia. After playing over eight hundred performances on Broadway the “fanastaias” are itching for more from this delightful show. If cast as Dmitry, Jelani would bring some much-needed representation to this role along with his talents.

(Chad Kimball as Kevin T. in Come From Away. Photo by Kevin Berne.)

10. Kevin T. from Come From Away

Last but not least, I think Kevin T. from Come From Away is another role Jelani Remy would be perfect to play. Imagine hearing Jelani sing Kevin T.’s song “Prayer”, now that would be worth the price of admission alone.

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