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Stay at Home

Podcasts For The Broadway Lover



While we’re all stuck inside, why not explore the world of podcasts. If you haven’t listened to a podcast, I highly recommend getting into it. You get to learn so many things and hear new ideas from people and aren’t we all just missing that a little right now? I know I am. These podcasts are for the Broadway fan which, essentially, is me, so I am my own audience. These podcasts are for me.

Royally Obsessed

Long live the Queen! In case you’re like me and you’re aching to see “Diana: The Musical”, Royally Obsessed could scratch your itch in the meantime. Listen to co-hosts Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito talk about all of the latest news with the Queen, William and Kate, Harry and Megan and even the baby Royals. I’m keeping up with the Royals every Thursday!

Thrilling Adventure Hour 

Thrilling Adventure Hour is made in the style of old-timey radio, when families would gather around the radio in the living room and tune in to the weekly show. They put on original shows and broadcast it for the audience that can’t see what they’re doing. Basically, they hilariously over explain everything they to do so you know what is going on. This used to be the standard and now we mock it in good spirits of course. The podcast has had notable guests such as Neil Patrick Harris, Zachary Levi, Nick Kroll, and Emily Blunt!

Kaveh Taherian and Lindsay Ellis


MusicalSplaining stars this unlikely duo stars Lindsay Ellis, a Broadway lover, and Kaveh Taherian, a Broadway hater. It’s refreshing to hear someone who knows nothing about Broadway try and navigate through what makes Broadway tick. Lindsay does a great job explaining Broadway without being that annoying theater kid (you know what I’m talking about, and it’s often me). Their chemistry is hilarious and this podcast is great for current Broadway lovers and those people in your life that hate theater but you’re trying to force them to love it. They’ve only started airing episodes in February, but they’re staying busy with their last few episodes about The King and I, Rent, and — my current favorite — SIX (I only bribed them a little bit for that last one)!

Playing On Air

Playing On Air broadcasts short, contemporary dramas and comedies on their podcast. If you’re a playwright who loves exploring lots of different pieces or just love plays in general, this podcast is for you. Some playwrights include household names like Christopher Durang but also talented, new writers. You can also find actors on the podcast like Celia Keenan-Bolger, Audra McDonald, and Adam Driver. With all the variety of plays and actors, you’re bound to find something you like. Look out for new episodes on Sundays!

ImagineEars Disney Podcast

The Broadway-Disney fan base crossover is strong, let me tell you. Find me a theater kid who doesn’t like Disney and I will make sure they get taken care of personally by The Mouse. No, but think about it, Disney movies are musicals but in cartoon form. We all grew up on them and were probably the reason so many of us love musicals. Before Broadway shutdown, there were three Disney shows running, at the same time! And Disney is not stopping any time soon. So, that brings me to the ImagineEars Disney podcast. Bring the magic home with co-hosts Matt Appleby and Susie Bryan as they discuss their favorite aspects of the parks, talk to various cast members, dive into current Disney news, and explain how you can get the most out of your Disney park experience (once we’re allowed to go outside again).

Casey Balsham, Danny Murphy and Sara Levine

Not Another True Crime Podcast

Yes, more true crime! Betches airs Not Another True Crime Podcast podcast every Monday with co-hosts Sara Levine, Casey Balsham, and Danny Murphy as they dive into a new crime each week. They present the facts, analyze the data, and share their completely unprofessional opinions with anecdotes and tangents along the way. The not-so-secret fact is these co-hosts love a good musical. So, pour yourself a glass of wine or an iced coffee and enjoy the show. Also, special shout out to Casey, who is one of the hosts of our very own Broadway Roulette Mixer! Watch Casey bring her charm and wit to Broadway as she interviews surprise artists from the Great White Way.

The Ensemblist

Never underestimate the ensemble of a show. They play so many roles and often times are responsible to cover other roles if needed. The Ensemblist podcast has a lot of different miniseries centering around topics like what it’s like to be a swing, life as an ensemble member, queer characters, and basically everything in between. The Ensemblist highlights so many different aspects of the industry from behind the scenes. With multiple hosts for each miniseries, there’s so many different perspectives and new guests all the time.

Josh Swallows Broadway

I would love to be best friends with Josh Lamon. He is hilarious and his podcast Josh Swallows Broadway is so much fun. It’s like bringing your favorite Broadway stars into your living room and just hanging out! He brings on performers and they talk about the ups and downs of working as an actor in the industry, behind-the-scenes shenanigans, and just whatever else comes to mind. Join Josh and his guests with a dirty martini and hang out with your favorite Broadway people.

Girl Gang – Women Creatives

I’ve worked for multiple all-female companies and I have loved it! The fierce women I have been able to know in my life is such an honor. Amy Will hosts Girl Gang the Podcast which showcases a different femxle and non-binary creatives every episode and their journey to success that they’ve had in their life. If you’re looking for some boss-b***h inspiration while you’re cooped up in your apartment, give this podcast a listen!

Dracula – A Comedy of Terrors

Take a trip to Transylvania and meet Count Dracula, the most ferocious monster around who is also in the market for…a new home? Yeah, he’s going to need a real estate agent for that. Dracula – A Comedy of Terrors‘ star-studded cast is led by Christopher Sieber, John Stamos, Annaleigh Ashford, Laura Benanti and more! Tune in to this thrilling horror-comedy. It’ll have you screaming with laughter!

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