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Our Favorite Fathers From Broadway Shows



Ah, Father’s Day. A day to celebrate the dads who raised us. They’re not always perfect, but they are certainly trying their darnedest. Dads are there to teach us what’s important in life and the lessons that come with that. They have their quirks, and that’s why we love them. Here are some of the dads from Broadway shows we love.

Gomzez Addams, The Addams Family

Gomez Addams is just your abnormal, dark, and unhappy dad — isn’t that wonderful!? He loves his family, wants them all to be happy, and occasionally enjoys a death or two. When he finds out his daughter is engaged to a “normal” boy, he is not okay with this. A normal boy? Absolutely not. Eventually though, he realizes she really loves him and his little girl is growing up, and he’s happy for her. 

King Triton, The Little Mermaid

King Triton is strict. He thinks he knows what’s best for everyone in his kingdom, but there are so many things out there he doesn’t know about. He’s only reprimanding Ariel because he loves her. He eventually comes around and accepts Ariel’s life choices and we love that even someone as stubborn as King Triton, can still have a change of heart. Plus, in his defense, she was only 16 and she kind of “fell in love” with human man she’d never properly met…

Jean Valjean, Les Miserables

Jean Valjean isn’t Cosette’s real dad, but he’s the only dad she’s ever known and he really does love her. He’s made sacrifices in his life to make sure she has the best possible life ahead of her. He’s always thinking of her happiness which even means saving the life of the man she’s in love with. 

Troy, Fences

Troy has faced struggles his whole life. He’s learned to grow tough skin and an even tougher outlook on the world. He’s also learned that he can’t go chase a dream when he has a family to take care of. He’s not a perfect dad and his son, Cory, struggles to believe he loves him or even likes him. It’s not that he doesn’t like his son, he just doesn’t want to see Cory face the same discriminations he once had to face. He’s trying his best in his own way.

Maurice, Beauty and the Beast

Belle’s father is a little bit, well, odd. But that’s okay! What does normal really mean anyway? He’s smart and has taught Belle to just be herself and not worry what the other townspeople think of her, because he knows Belle has a lot to offer and he always believes in her. 

All the dads in Mamma Mia

What’s better than having one dad who loves and adores you? Having three! Sophie is one lucky girl. She gets to have three dads who all want to walk her down the aisle and be there for her on her very important day. They’re all supportive and just want to make up for lost time. It’s not their fault they didn’t know they had a daughter.

Atticus Finch, To Kill A Mockingbird

As a lawyer, Atticus stands for justice and what is right in the eyes of the law. He leads his life by example for his children even in the face of adversity. It was easy for Scout and Jem to fall prey to the ideas of the jury and the townspeople. It was hard for them to relate to their father and give him the respect he deserved because they did not fully understand what he was fighting for. They eventually see the side of their father and they are just lucky to have a parent who has always believed in justice for all.

Mufasa, The Lion King

Mufasa taught Simba how to be a fair and mighty king. Mufasa was loved by everyone and looked out for all of his subjects because he knew how important they were to the balance of the kingdom. Even though Mufasa died, Simba was still learning lessons from him long after that time. If you can’t spend Father’s Day with your dad because of social distancing, remember, he will always be with you.

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