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Stay at Home

Jessica Rush on Quarantining With a Kindergartner



Like so many of us, Jessica Rush has had her entire world flipped upside down the last few months. Instead of being on stage, Rush — who plays Rhonda in the hit Broadway show Tina: The Tina Turner Musical — has been at home, quarantined with her husband (a fellow actor) and their kindergarten-aged daughter, Elliot.

“One upside to being a two-actor household during this time is that neither one of us is working a ‘real’ job from home,” Rush explained. “I usually start the day with Elliot, breakfast and her remote learning assignments, and then later in the day my husband takes over so that I can go for a run on my own, or record my podcast, or have a zoom hangout with friends for a little release.”

Side note: Jessica Rush is one-half of the team behind the poignant podcast, Mamas Talkin’ Loud. Originally conceived by Jessica Rush and Cara Cooper as a “support group for mothers in the business of show,” this podcast is now undeniably relevant to all mothers, everywhere. Recent guests have include Laura Benati and Annaleigh Ashford. If you’re a mom reading this, give it a listen!

Despite the help from her husband, Rush hasn’t had all smooth sailing at home, though. “The one activity that takes more time than ever is drinking my coffee! Ha!” she revealed. “I used to be able to sit for an hour or so in the morning after getting my daughter off to school to answer emails and ease into the day and drink my coffee hot, but now that she is here with us, there is no ‘easing in;’ it’s go right away and constant interruptions. I reheat it at least three times… and it takes four hours to drink it!”

But it’s not all interruptions and cold coffee. “The biggest silver lining to this time is the sheer amount of time the three of us have to be together,” she shared. “Until this point, the longest time we’d had without one of us being on a show schedule was a couple of weeks, which was super lucky, but also meant that family time was at a premium, more quality over quantity. Elliot is used to having dinner with us as a family only a couple nights a week, and here we are, in this time, having dinner together EVERY night. For six weeks now, and the foreseeable future. The gift of that is immeasurable.”

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