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Stay at Home

Call for Broadway Fan Art!


Broadway is dark, but our surroundings can be bright: That’s why we’re calling for submissions of your best Broadway fan art! We’ll use the artwork to decorate our blog, our Instagram and Facebook feeds, and we’ll update it periodically until the lights come back on the Great White Way.

To have your work of art included, post a snapshot of the illustration (or painting! or cross-stitch!) to Instagram and tag us @broadwayroulette. We also love to hear about the story behind the art — why you love that show or that performer or that scene; any special memories you have associated with it; what inspired you to make it. Current shows, upcoming shows, past shows — every show is fair game!

Instagram, @coloringbroadway.

Every individual piece of art will be compiled in one final product to remind us that we’re together even though we’re apart. It’s also a great way to show support for the incredibly talented professionals who aren’t able to show up and do their thing on Broadway right now.

Also, just flagging that if you love Broadway and you could use some relaxation during this time (and honestly, who among us couldn’t?) coloring pages from Coloring Broadway are an amazing way to go! Remember, if you want your art to be included, post it to Instagram, tag us and make sure to follow our account!