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7 of the Best Broadway Moms, According to Us



In honor of Mother’s Day, we thought it fitting to give a shout out to some of our favorite Broadway moms. Moms don’t always get it right or know what they’re doing, which is exactly why I’m never going to be a Mom. (Being the fun Aunt who drinks too much wine is much more up my alley… but enough about me.) Here’s our list of seven of the greatest mothers to ever grace the Great White Way.

Donna, Mamma Mia! 

Donna certainly knew how to have fun when she was younger and here’s to having fun! She’s also so understanding and supportive of Sophie but also kind of a mess. Which honestly, who isn’t? She works all day and works all night on her hotel but still managed to raise her daughter as a single mother. Plus, she can still rock that jumpsuit and boots and we are living for that.

Trina, Falsettos

Finding out your husband and father of your child is gay and already in love with another man isn’t exactly ideal. Poor Trina really went through it. She’s a hot mess, let me tell you and their family is dysfunctional to say the least. Everyone is in therapy and everyone is trying to make the family work with everyone involved. Still, in the end they’re a family and no one can take that away. Trina overcomes her anger, helps everyone put aside their differences and come together as a family.

Nancy, Grand Horizons

Moms are people too, and I think a lot of children forget that. They have dreams and desires and needs. Nope, I don’t want to think about that either, but it’s true, and Nancy really was ready to live her best life after 50 years of not doing so. Look, everyone deserves to be happy and her kids are now adults–even if they don’t act like it–so why can’t she go and do what she wants? I commend her for being brave enough to make an unpopular decision. You can’t live your life trying to please everyone around you.

Albin, La Cage aux Follies 

Sometimes your mom isn’t a mom at all. Sometimes it’s your dad in a dress and that’s okay too. If your dad loves you enough to pretend to be your mom so you can marry the love of your life, then you’ve got a hell of a parent! Albin really loves his son and would move Heaven and Earth for him even if that means hiding who he really is. However, Albin also knows the importance of being exactly who you are and he’s going to beat his own drum even in the face of adversity.

Abeula Claudia, In The Heights 

Grandma’s are mothers too, (so don’t forget about your Grandma this Sunday!) and Abuela was like a Grandma to so many people in Washington Heights. She was there to encourage the community to have patience and faith and she really helped everyone live up to their full potential. She taught them everything they know. Abuela Claudia always gave more than she had and I would honored for her to be my Abuela. 

Edna Turnblad, Hairspray 

Okay, so, sometimes “Moms” are actually Dads or Grandmas, so we understand that mothers come in all shapes and sizes. Well, this time I mean it literally. Edna Turnblad is big and beautiful and timeless! She supports her daughter regardless of what society says about their size. She may have started the show with insecurities about her size, and her daughter’s size, but by the end she is telling the world that she’s not ashamed of her size. Preach, Edna!

Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 

Hermione has all the answers in school, but no one teaches you or can prepare you to be a mother. Hermione was always a hard worker, and even after becoming a mom, she still is. While we love working moms, we don’t condone indirectly erasing your daughter from existence. 

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