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Taylor Louderman, Nicolette Robinson and More Stars Reveal Their Dream Roles


We’re not sure who needs to hear this today, but: It’s Monday. Now that we’re well over a month into the cessation of just about everything that makes daily life daily life, a good dose of #MondayMotivation might be what we need to start the week right. We caught up with seven stars from the stage and screen, including former Mean Girls star Taylor Louderman, to hear about the roles they’d love to play when social distancing is but a distant memory.

Taylor Louderman

“I would love to tackle Jesus Christ Superstar or Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” Taylor Louderman shared. “I’d like to do some kind of Biblical story and swap the gender. I believe us ladies deserve a shot at some of the older stories that instilled a lot of the values in us. We could handle it!” We couldn’t agree with the Mean Girls alum more.

Nicolette Robinson

“I have always been really interested in playing Stella in a Streetcar named Desire and also Elphaba in Wicked. They are two very, very different roles but I would love to take crack at both of them and also play some new characters,” Nicolette Robinson revealed. “I feel that I understand Stella. I find her really intriguing and fascinating and would love to like find my own take on her. I mean, you can’t get much better than Tennessee Williams. And Elphaba is an epic, awesome role. I just love that show. I grew up listening to the cast album.”

Al Roker

“King George in Hamilton,” Al Roker declared. I figure, I may as well dream big. It’s a fun role. They have never had a black King George. So, what the heck? The beauty is you have to put on a certain air to play the King,” the Waitress alum explained. “But unless Lin-Manuel Miranda has lost his mind, I don’t think that is going to happen.”

Dianna Agron

“I would love to do a piece that is theatrical where you get into full make up, costume and hair. The ultimate transformation,” the Glee alum shared. ” I’d love to do something zany and wild. I haven’t scratched that kind of character yet. So that would be really nice. I saw Raising Arizona the other day. The Coen Brothers are genius. I was surprised I hadn’t seen that specific film. I thought what a fun world to play in. I would like to do that kind of comedy or a highly theatrical piece.”

Christian Slater

“When I was growing up I saw Pirates of Penzance with Kevin Kline. And I always love what he did with The Pirate King,” Christian Slater shared. “It would be fun. I could have a great time with that.”

Keira Knightley

“To tell you the truth I think playing Colette comes pretty close,” Keira Knightley shared. “It’s amazing to see a story of a woman who stepped out of the shadows, stood tall, carved a hole in the world for herself, and lived without shame. She is who I want to be.”

Kaley Cuoco

“I think I already had my dream role on The Big Bang Theory!” Kaley Cuoco exclaimed. “Everything now is icing on top of that cake.”

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