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Stay at Home

Top 10 Musicals We’re Streaming Right Now



Just because Broadway is closed, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy musicals from the comfort of your own home. There are so many musical movies, concerts, and full productions available all over the internet. What a time we live in. Narrowing it down to just 10 for me was not an easy task. Luckily, I have a lot of time on my hands as I’m sure most of you all do as well. So here we go!

10. Singin’ In The Rain (Amazon Prime, Google Play, Apple TV, Vudu, YouTube, iTunes)

I grew up on classics so I have a whole separate love for them. They are just so pure and full of hope and showcase some serious triple threats. Singin’ In The Rain takes place when silent-film stars learn that “talkies” will be taking over the film industry. Actors Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont think they’re going to be just fine, because how hard could talking on camera be? Turns out it’s pretty hard. This classic musical has music, dancing, laughs, fashion shows–because why not–and of course, love! Plus, I’m a sucker for any show with a tap number, let me tell you, and Gene Kelly’s dance moves are like butter. 

9. Tangled (Amazon Prime, Google Play, Apple TV, iTunes, Disney+)

So, this one was inevitable. Tangled is the perfect movie during our Coronavirus lockdown because Rapunzel is the Queen of Social Distancing. (And the island of Corona!!) So, if you’re not sure what to do with all your extra time inside, Rapunzel has a few tips and tricks for you. And even better, a very dashing man climbs into her tower and my goodness I hope a handsome man climbs into my first-floor apartment too. You know, once we’re done with self-quarantining.

8. Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (Amazon Prime, Google Play, Apple TV, Vudu, YouTube, iTunes)

Here we are with another classic full of men who can sing and dance and look good while doing it–the real triple threat. This story does involve kidnapping women and forcing them to be married, but our female lead, Millie is not here for it. Millie is a sassy, spunky woman who spontaneously marries Adam… and his 6 brothers?? Well that’s a detail that got left out. Millie teaches these back-woodsmen dancing, manners and, most importantly, hygiene. (Wash your hands, everyone.) She also makes them sleep with the rest of livestock when she finds out what they did. Yes, girl, you tell them! This classic has fantastic music, my favorite dance scene (ever!), and hot men in tight pants. Alright, I can’t resist hot men in tight pants, it’s true.

7. Rocky Horror Picture Show (Amazon Prime, Google Play, Vudu, iTunes)

When Brad and Janet find themselves out in the rain due to a flat tire, they follow the guiding light to Frankenstein’s place. Here they find a sweet transvestite who opens their eyes to so many new things. This quirky musical is full of upbeat songs and catchy tunes. If you’re at home feeling chained to your bed or couch, this musical will certainly get you up and dancing. It’s just a jump to the left!

6. West Side Story (Amazon Prime, Google Play, Apple TV, Vudu, iTunes)

If you don’t already know, West Side Story is a modern-day Romeo and Juliet set on the streets of New York City in the 1950’s. The new Broadway production–which is currently on hold–has announced many cuts to the show that has brought it down to a 90-minute runtime. However, since we’ve all got a little more time on our hands, now is the best time to dive into this 2hr 33min version — it’s worth it! The dancing, the singing, and of course the snapping!

5. Team StarKid’s Firebringer (YouTube) 

Look. If you like campy, homemade-type of musical productions, Team StarKid is what you’re looking for. Firebringer is my personal favorite TSK production because honestly, the harmonies give me LIFE. This musical is about a time before fire was discovered and how womankind lived every day with what little knowledge they had. When the tribe finally does discover fire, it turns everything upside down. This is as cheesy as it gets, ya’ll, but the music is actually so good and the point of TSK is that it’s cheesy. Explore more TSK productions on YouTube!

4. Across The Universe (Amazon Prime, Google Play, Apple TV, Vudu, iTunes)

For all my Beatles fans out there, this one’s for you. Across the Universe follows Jude, a shipyard worker from Liverpool, who has decided to go to America to find his dad in the 1960s. Along the way he makes new friends who take him to New York City to experience everything the 60s has to offer. Including the draft. As the world falls apart around him and he feels like he’s losing everything, he finally learns that “All You Need Is Love.” If your person ain’t singin’ to you from a rooftop, then what are they even doing?

3. The Last Five Years (Amazon Prime, Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, YouTube)

Oh, The Last Five Years, what a journey. This isn’t your typical storyline that goes A to Z. Both characters start at opposite ends of their story and cross paths in the middle. Jamie and Kathy recount the story of their relationship over the last five years–get it?. Kathy’s point of view starts from the end of their relationship and continues to the beginning where Jamie’s point of view starts at the beginning and goes to the end. The storyline set-up alone is brilliant and the songs are even better. Also, look out for a cameo by composer Jason Robert Brown acting like he doesn’t know how to read sheet music, LOL!

2. Legally Blonde (Pro-shot on YouTube)

I have to admit, I LOVE Legally Blonde: The Musical. I am so excited MTV recorded their production and put it up on YouTube for everyone to watch. Elle Woods is a Fashion Merchandising Major at UCLA who follows her ex and gets into Harvard Law School. What, like it’s hard? Elle loves the color pink and her dog Bruiser, but she’s more than just a Malibu Barbie. She’s a boss bitch who can outsmart even the best lawyers! Plus, she finds herself a man in the end who takes her seriously and supports her goals which is honestly what we all need. 

1. La La Land  (Amazon Prime, Google Play, Apple TV, Vudu, iTunes)

Okay, I will admit, I am a little biased as I am an Angeleno myself, but who doesn’t love a musical about their hometown?? (And more tap dancing!) Plus, this movie almost won an Oscar for Best Picture! This musical, starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, follows an actress and a musician both struggling to make their way in Los Angeles. However, when their paths lead in different directions, years later they wonder how their lives would look if they had made different decisions. We all have to go after our dreams, and sometimes that means letting people go along the way. It’s okay sis, it’s for the best. 

Bonus Streaming: I highly recommend checking out Sara Bareilles’s concert of the songs from her musical Waitress. She is such an amazing singer and funny–who knew–and the songs she wrote for the show are simply fantastic. She does sing for every character and honestly I am HERE for it. You can watch the concert here.

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