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Q&A: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’s Nadia Brown’s First Wardrobe Malfunction (and More)



Nadia Brown, who just recently made her Broadway debut as Rose Granger-Weasley in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, started her acting career with her family by her side – literally. We caught up with the New Jersey native to hear about her first time on stage, her first survival job, and more.

Broadway Spin: What was your first time on stage?

Nadia Brown: In kindergarten we devised a piece about deforestation and how that affects animals. I played a bumble bee. Fun fact: I nominated my father to play the part of the lumberjack who was cutting down all of the trees in our forest, so my dad and I made our acting debuts together. He also retired from acting that day to continue to pursue being a medical doctor.

BS: How did it go?

NB: I was so excited to make my grand entrance as the bumble bee, but just before I went on, my costume ripped, and being that I was five years old, I was inconsolable and refused to come out of the wings. They stopped the show and my grandmother walked up to the stage from her seat in the auditorium and started screaming for me to get my *butt* (not the word she used) out there. I begrudgingly went on stage and cried in front of the audience. A drama queen was born.

BS: What about your first on-stage kiss?

NB: It was with a boy named Darryl in my high-school acting class – and it was actually my first kiss ever. It was a bit awkward. And the whole school knew about it 45 minutes later. I was very embarrassed.

BS: Tell us about your first crush.

NB: I have the biggest girl-crush, talent-crush, and — let’s be honest — real crush on Cynthia Erivo. She’s stunning, strong, and mega-talented! Totally fangirled over her the first time I saw her!

BS: Before you made it to Broadway, what was your first survival job?

NB: Front Desk Associate at Equinox! I had this job for 2 years, then I worked as a Client Service Associate at Dogpound (a boutique gym) for 6 months. I left Dogpound when I booked Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! All my former coworkers are very proud 🙂

BS: And we know playing Rose Granger-Weasley in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is your first Broadway role. What has been the most surprising thing about working on the Great White Way?

NB: The most surprising thing about being on Broadway for the first time was how meaningful stage door interactions can be with the fans after the show!

BS: And the biggest lesson you learned for the future?

NB: To remember that I am enough, remember to stay present and remember to HAVE FUN!

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