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Q&A: Girl From the North Country’s Caitlin Houlahan Owes Her Career to the Girl Scouts (Kinda)



Caitlin Houlahan, who plays Kate Draper in Girl From the North Country, got her start on Broadway thanks to the Girl Scouts. We caught up with the Girl From the Country star to hear about her first time on stage, her first time on a Broadway stage, and her first kiss on stage (though she might want to forget that one).

Broadway Spin: What was the first show you were ever in?

Caitlin Houlahan: The King and I! I was in third grade being used for the High School production, and I played one of the Siamese children.

BS: And how did it go?

CH: I auditioned only because a bunch of girls in my Girl Scout troop were skipping our meeting to try out, and I just COULDN’T be left out. It must have gone well because I got cast and during this show met one of my lifelong best friends!

BS: When did you get your first paycheck for acting?

CH: When I performed in Kiss Me Kate at Solon Center for the Arts in Solon, OH.

BS: And what did you do with the money?

CH: I put gas in my car!

BS: What was your first survival job?

CH: I was a waitress at a Spanish tapas restaurant. I worked there for about three months. I gave my two weeks’ notice when I got the call that I’d be doing Peter Pan Live! on NBC.

BS: What was your first Broadway role?

CH: Dawn in Waitress!

BS: Was there anything different or surprising about being on Broadway than you’d imagined?

CH: Yes! I thought I would feel like a different person after making my Broadway debut and I was surprised and happy to find that I felt like my normal self. I also learned an important lesson: Don’t eat before your song. You’ll burp the whole way through.

BS: And when did you have your first on-stage kiss?

CH: I was a swing in my college’s production of Titanic. I was thrown on during a rehearsal and got to make out with a super-handsome upperclassmen. He still has no idea it was my first onstage kiss – though I was sweating profusely and I was most definitely horrible.

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