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6 Reasons to Watch The Little Mermaid Live!



In honor of the 30th anniversary of the animated film, ABC is presenting the live production with a star-studded cast… TONIGHT! Here are six reasons why you should tune in to watch Disney’s The Little Mermaid Live! 

That’s John Stamos, people. Photo: Instagram, @abcnetwork.

That’s John Stamos, people. Photo: Instagram, @abcnetwork.

1. It’s the same story we all know and love.

The Little Mermaid follows Ariel, a curious mermaid-princess who dreams of a life above the sea. One night Ariel, along with friends Flounder and Sebastian, swim to the surface and come upon a celebration for the handsome Prince Eric. Chaos ensues, and Ariel saves the life of the Prince. Determined to know Prince Eric, Ariel makes a deal with the evil Ursula to trade her beautiful voice for a pair of legs. Will Ariel get her happily-ever-after with her Prince?

2. A previous Disney Princess will be taking on a whole new ‘tail’.

Sebastian and Ariel cheesin’ for the press.

Moana herself, Auli’I Cravalho will be taking on the role of our beloved mer-princess, Ariel. Alongside Cravalho will be Queen Latifah as Ursula, and Shaggy as Sebastian. Queen Latifah has been seen in numerous musical and film productions, including her iconic performance in the 2002 film adaptation of Chicago as Matron “Mama” Morton.  Although we haven’t yet seen Shaggy on a musical stage, we can’t wait to see him take on our favorite crustacean’s “Under the Sea”.

3. It’s going to be an entirely new production…

According to an official announcement made by ABC Entertainment, the live production will feature a “never-before-seen hybrid” featuring music from the original film as well as music from the Tony Award-winning Broadway stage version. Here’s to hoping we get Prince Eric singing either “Her Voice” or “One Step Closer”!

4. That blends the beloved music with a new made-for-TV format.

Despite the production being a new take, they won’t be writing any new songs for Ariel & Co. However, the whole show is going to be re-scored so that it flows in the way only this hybrid can.

5. It really is a celebration of the classic.

There’s going to be clips from the original 1989 film interwoven through the story. The actors won’t be re-voicing the iconic characters, but they will be performing all of the musical numbers, as well as recreating some of the most iconic scenes (Ariel sitting on a rock as a wave crashes over her in “Part of Your World”? Iconic.

6. The set is going to be as beautiful and vibrant as you would hope.

ABC released a sneak peak of their rendering of the set, and it’s stunning. It features floating jellies, schools of fish, and so much more!

Disney’s The Little Mermaid Live! airs TONIGHT, Tuesday, November 5th at 8PM EST.