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5 Broadway Beauty Tutorials for Halloween Inspo



Beauty tutorials are all the rage these days. In 2018, beauty-related content generated more than 169 billion YouTube views. And yes, there is a whole subset of Broadway-specific beauty tutorials. With Halloween just around the corner, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Broadway beauty videos for some holiday inspiration that’s a few levels up from those plastic bagged-costumes at Ricky’s. (No shade to Ricky’s.)

Patrick Starrr, Cats

There’s a reason Patrick Starrr has a line with MAC, over 4 million YouTube subscribers, almost 5 million Instagram followers, and celeb fans like Kim Kardashian West. He’s simply a makeup genius. His YouTube makeup tutorials are equal parts mesmerizing, entertaining and illuminating. Lucky for us, he has a handful of theatrical tutorials on his page. Our favorite is his Cats video, in which he transforms himself into the character Demeter and takes cat-eyes to a whole new level. In the video, Starrr explains that he first fell in love with makeup when performing the musical in high school because it gave him a reason to step out in full glam for the first time, proving that Cats can change lives.

Broadway Makeup Designer Recreates the Faces of 6 Iconic Characters

In this elaborate video brought to you by Playbill, Broadway makeup artist Joe Dulude II recreates six iconic Broadway looks: Wicked’s Elphaba, Anastasia’s Anya, Torch Song’s Arnold, Jesus Christ Superstar’s Ensemble and Superstar Girl, SpongeBob’s Squidward, and Into the Woods’ Witch. Dulude designed all of these looks for the stage, and walks viewers through each of them in this video, detailing everything from products used to the brush strokes applied.

Katherine Steele, Mean Girls

Katherine Steele is a musical theater actress based in California. When she’s not onstage, she’s tending her to YouTube channel, which has over 100k subscribers. She posts videos about life an actress and theater geek. She also happens to be really good at makeup, and every now and then posts theater-themed makeup tutorials. She’s recreated looks from Grease, Anastasia and Heathers, but we highly recommend her Mean Girls tutorial, in which she recreates Janis’ look. She goes through the creation step by step, and in the end, looks uncannily like Barrett Wilbert Weed’s character. Whether you want a rocker look for every day or Halloween costume help, this video will come in handy.

Rafiki From The Lion King Comes to Life

If you’ve ever wondered what the pre-show makeup process was like for an intricate onstage look, just watch this video featuring The Lion King’s Rafiki. To uncover the makeup routines of Broadway casts, Cosmopolitan recorded actress Tshidi Manye getting her makeup done for a performance from start to finish, and the end-result is pretty eye-opening. The mesmerizing video reveals the artistry that is required to create these beautiful costumes, and the calm required of the actors in the process. Seeing this transformation before Manye takes the stage will change the way you see a Broadway character.

Idina Menzel Becoming Elphaba

In the world of makeup tutorials, this video could be considered a classic. It shows Idina Menzel getting covered in green makeup as she preps to take the stage in the original production of Wicked. While she does break down the makeup process, she spends most her time in the chair talking about how she gets into character mentally. You’ll be so distracted by watching this iconic look come to life, you might miss some of Menzel’s pearls of wisdom. But don’t worry, you can always watch it again. That’s the beauty of YouTube.

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