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8 Reasons Why Erika Jayne Will Be the Ultimate Roxie Hart



Get excited, RHOBH enthusiasts – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Erika Jayne will step into Roxie Hart’s heels, taking over the iconic role in Broadway’s long-running musical, Chicago, on January 6th. Jayne is already one of the hardest working Housewives out there: She holds down a recurring role on The Young and the Restless, penned a New York Times best-selling memoir, and her singles have topped the Billboard US dance charts a whopping nine times.

In addition to her impressive resume, Erika Jayne’s #stylegoals wardrobe, extra AF personality and all that jazz have us wishing we could turn the clocks ahead to next year. Here are 8 reasons why we can’t wait to see her take on Roxie Hart in her Broadway debut.

Photo: Instagram, @theprettymess.

Photo: Instagram, @theprettymess.

1. She’s regularly serving up LEWKS.

Versace, Tom Ford, Alexanders McQueen and Wang… Erika Jayne wears them all and then some. Erika’s stylist, Dani Michelle, told Page Six that Erika’s personal taste has a wide range, spanning a variety of aesthetics, and that she shells out whatever is necessary to achieve the closet(s – she has three walk-ins!) of her dreams. “Erika buys,” her stylist told Page Six. “…she owns her looks.” And who could blame her for wanting to keep these works of art?

2. Her hair has a personality all on its own.

We weren’t kidding about Erika Jayne being extra AF! The one (near*) constant in her ‘do is the bright blonde color. Beyond that, anything is fair game! She’s no stranger to that wig life, swapping them out for extensions, for classic buns and more for every occasion, rocking a new style wherever she goes. In fact, she has so many wigs that she told The Cut she’s moving towards naming them!

Photo: Bravo.

*She once strayed from her typical color to don this fabulous pink wig for a party with a pink and white dress code – the dedication!

3. Basically, she’s unapologetically over-the-top glamorous

Erika Jayne warned us with her single “XXpen$ive” that looking that good didn’t come for free, but I don’t think we ever would have guessed just how much she funnels into it. She travels with her own personal glam squad, which has been caught by the Real Housewives film crew multiple times. Erika funds their travel and lodging at each of her destinations so that they can keep her in tip top condition, and she revealed to People that between her hair, makeup and clothes, she spends $40k a month on her look!

4. Her sass is unparalleled

Case in point: this glorious side eye directly into the camera lens, a la Jim Halpert, when a biker had the audacity to cut her off on the sidewalk. Doesn’t he know who she is?!

5. She’s no stranger to dancing (and can definitely handle the Fosse choreography)

Photo: Bravo.

Between her unjustly short stint on Dancing with the Stars’ 24th season and her carefully choreographed music videos, Erika Jayne is ready to take on anything, including the “deceptively complex” choreography of Chicago. Her choreographer and creative director, Mikey Minden, has worked with the likes of the Pussycat Dolls, P!nk and the cast of Dance Moms, so they both know what it takes!

6. In fact, she’s even got her own signature move

It’s called “Pat the puss”. Need we say more?

Photo: Instagram, @theprettymess.

7. Did we mention that Erika Jayne is a persona?

Step aside, Sasha Fierce – Erika Jayne’s got that title cinched. Erika Girardi, married to “uber-famous lawyer” Tom Girardi, describes her alternate persona as, “she’s sassy, she’s class and ass and heels and all woman all the time. She’s over the top fabulous.” Erika says that if she doesn’t honor her inner bad girl she’s not going to be happy, and so the rebellious Erika Jayne was born. Complacency played a big role in her conception, believe it or not. “I had to be brave enough to say, ‘I’m not fulfilled,’” Erika told People. “There are only so many material things you can have before it becomes boring. There are only so many dinners, so many things you can buy. … I was in a wealthy coma and I wasn’t looking inward.”

8. Most importantly, she doesn’t give a f*** what anybody else thinks

If her hit EDM track “How Many F**ks”, which is just one of her number 1s on Billboard’s US Dance Club Songs chart, thank you very much, wasn’t enough to clue you in, Erika Jayne is loud and proud, and she gives (in case you couldn’t infer) zero f***s whether you love her or hate her. May we all be graced with this confidence in our lifetimes!

Erika Jayne will play Roxy Hart in Chicago for a limited-run from January 6-March 29 and tickets are in play through Broadway Roulette.