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The Great Society Is Making It Easy to Register to Vote (So Do It!)



Friendly reminder: There’s an election coming up! And The Great Society is making it easy to make sure you’re ready. The new play – which stars Succession’s Brian Cox as Lyndon B. Johnson – has teamed up with FairVote, NYC Votes, and Young Invincibles to offer several voter registration events through October 16.

Photo: courtesy AKA.

Photo: courtesy AKA.

The first registration event was held on September 18 – but no worries if you missed it. The next one (sponsored by FairVote) is tomorrow, Saturday September 21, from 5-5:30 pm and 7-8pm. All events are taking place in the lobby of the Vivian Beaumont Theater at 150 West 65th St. The weather is going to be nice and the 1/2/3 subway goes right there, so if you’re not registered, the time to take care of that is **now**.

And if you can’t make it tomorrow, here are the rest of the registration events:

– Wednesday September 25, from 5-5:30 pm and 7-8pm (sponsored by NYC Votes)

– Wednesday October 9, from 4-4:30 pm and 6-7pm (sponsored by NYC Votes)

– Wednesday October 16, from 4-4:30 pm and 6-7pm (sponsored by Young Invincibles)

Photo courtesy AKA.

As a bit of context/ a mini history lesson, LBJ became President of the United States following JFK’s assassination. He won the following presidential election by a landslide — but decided not to run for re-election just three years later. A lot can happen in three years, and The Great Society is about exactly what happened.

One of the most important milestones of LBJ’s tenure came on August 6, 1965, when he signed into law the Voting Rights Act of 1965. In a nutshell, this federal legislation prohibits racial discrimination in voting. It was designed to reinforce the voting rights that had been guaranteed via the Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments (because those rights weren’t always upheld). To this day, it’s largely considered to be the most effective piece of federal civil rights legislation ever enacted in the United States.

The Great Society is playing a 12-week limited-engagement at the Vivian Beaumont Theater.