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8 Reasons We’re Voting for The Politician



8 Reasons We’re Excited for The Politician

Have you recently finished your eighth run-through of The Office? Are you still mourning the cancellation of Santa Clarita Diet? Did you waste 46 minutes last night browsing through Netflix for something to watch before inevitably just giving up? Don’t fret, because your next binge fest is almost here; this Friday, September 27th, Netflix drops the first season of its newest original series The Politician, created by Ryan Murphy. This season follows Payton Hobart, a wealthy high schooler in Santa Barbara, as he runs for student body president as the first step of his long-standing plan to become president of the United States, and we’ve got plenty of reasons to be excited for it. 8 of them, in fact!

Photo: Instagram, @loladre

Photo: Instagram, @loladre

1. It’s an OG Dear Evan Hansen reunion

The Politician stars Dear Evan Hansen’s originator, Ben Platt, as Payton. Laura Dreyfuss, who originated Evan’s love interest Zoe Murphy, portrays McAfee, one of Payton’s best friends and a political advisor for his campaign. We love a pre-existing chemistry!

2. Plus a stellar cast

Ben Platt and Laura Dreyfuss are surrounded by Murphy royalty, among others, including Gwyneth Paltrow stars as Payton’s mother, Zoey Deutch as Payton’s chronically-ill running mate Infinity, Jessica Lange as Infinity’s erratic grandmother, as well as January Jones, Bette Midler and Dylan McDermott.

Photo: Instagram, @bensplatt.

3. The trio that brought us Glee has rejoined forces 

As if Ryan Murphy’s (Glee, American Horror Story, American Crime Story) name on the bill wasn’t exciting enough, he pulled in former Glee collaborators Brad Falchuk (aka Mr. Gwyneth Paltrow) and Ian Brennan to work on The Politician. All of the dramatics of Glee with none of the network rules? Yes please!

4. It’s an hour-long comedy series

Each episode of the first season looks set to run for about an hour, straying from the average half an hour of the majority of Netflix’s original comedy series, including hits like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Grace and Frankie — so get ready to double the fun.

5. Though it’s not billed as a musical series, Ben Platt will be serving his ‘oral magic’

In their pre-release review, IndieWire revealed that the show is putting the Tony Award Winner’s full range of talent on display, instituting the classic trope of unexplained musical numbers.

Photo: Instagram, @bensplatt.

6. In spite of its comedy status, it tackles a myriad of timely topics

CNET reports that The Politician will take on topics that have been known to cause controversy in the current news cycle, ranging from gun violence to gender fluidity to political apathy.

7. Payton strives to climb the political ladder of his own accord

In a turbulent political climate where the underdogs are fighting for what they believe is right and the big men on campus bought their way in, it may be surprising to read that an ultra-wealthy teen wants to win his campaigns because he earned the votes fair and square, but Payton can be seen asking a potential voter to tell him everything that would make a difference to them in the trailer. Platt told the Hollywood Reporter, “It’s more about the phenomenon of what it takes to be a politician and how much of yourself you have to sacrifice to be a good one.”

Photo: Instagram, @the_politician.

8. We’re already guaranteed two seasons, but there are plans for five so far

Each season is meant to follow a different election for Payton, beginning with his high school’s student body president and ending with the president of the United States. Could The Politician help to inspire a new audience of young people to get involved where it matters? “Enough with the baby boomers,” Murphy said to the Hollywood Reporter. “You can see that people get excited by young people like AOC… she is an exciting figure because she is the future. That’s what I’m trying to write about.”

You can tune into The Politician on Netflix starting at 12 a.m. PST/3 a.m. EST on Friday, September 27th

And the show that made Ben Platt a bona fide star, Dear Evan Hansen, is in play at Broadway Roulette!