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Spin Your Tickets, Plan Your Parking



There are some questions we get once in a blue moon here at Broadway Roulette — like “Can I take my seeing-eye-dog-in-training to the show tonight?” Then there are some questions we get all the time — like “Where should I park?” To be honest, we found midtown parking to be as intimidating as our customers did, but recently we discovered Edison ParkFast. The family-owned company operates under many of the same customer-first principles we do, so we made them our preferred parking provider. 

Here are a few of the things we love about this group:

1. You can book in advance. Get guaranteed reservations and pricing, plus the address will be set on your phone for seamless navigation.

2. You can save money. Park one block over from Times Square and get premium parking in an indoor lot at the best rates in midtown.

3. You can avoid parking in the city completely. Park in Newark or Secaucus and take the train one stop to NYC to avoid traffic, tolls and stress. (Umm, yes please.)

Edison ParkFast lots are friendly, safe, and secure so you can forget about your car and focus on what matters — an unforgettable experience on Broadway!