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Quotes from the Be More Chill cast as Inspirational Posters



After a sold-out run off-Broadway, Be More Chill begins previews at the Lyceum Theatre, tonight! The teen-driven musical, which hasn’t exactly been shy about its ambition to become the next Dear Evan Hansen, takes place in a world where high-schoolers can become popular simply by taking a pill. (What could go wrong?)

At least part of the show’s initial success was due to the irreverent, talented cast members — all of whom magically straddle the line between unbridled optimism and self-deprecating charm. Because we didn’t want these pearls of wisdom — recently dropped during a panel talk at BroadwayCon — to go to waste, we made them into nifty inspirational posters. You’re welcome.

Stephanie Hsu plays Christine in Be More Chill. Her first turn on Broadway came as Karen the Computer in Spongebob Squarepants (still not over that one closing yet). Listen to her talk for more than thirty seconds and it becomes apparent that Hsu recognizes that the career of an actor is far from stable, and doesn’t take her successes for granted.


Be More Chill‘s composer/ lyricist Joe Iconis might be an actual genius.

Shuffle Along alum Britton Smith gave his fellow cast-members the ultimate praise. If we all remember to do this with our co-workers, the world will be a more peaceful, mountainous place (err… right?).

Be More Chill‘s star, Will Roland, probably said it best. Just print this out, put it on your mirror, and keep your eyes on the prize.

In an Instagram-happy world, it’s hard to remember that other people have problems too. Seriously. NOT EVERY SUNSET LOOKS LIKE THAT. Thank you, Lauren Marcus (who plays Brooke in Be More Chill) for reminding us.

Book writer Joe Tracz frames success in a fresh and promising way. Not by how much money a project makes (though he probably hopes Be More Chill makes a lot of money), but by whether it fuels others to try to create something themselves. If Be More Chill inspired any of you to create something of your own, you should tell Tracz!

Words to live by, courtesy of Gerard Canonico, who plays Rich in Be More Chill. Use this often. Thank us later.

Be More Chill is playing at the Lyceum Theatre and tickets are in play through Broadway Roulette!