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Just in Time for the Holidays, We Offer Matinees!



Since it gets dark at 4 pm these days (boo!), we figured it was a good time to launch our matinee spins for Wednesdays and Sundays (yay!). Now you cash out all of those use-em-or-lose-em PTO days before the end the year and check out a Wednesday matinee – or go see a Saturday afternoon show and start your night out when night actually starts! No more not-leaving-your-apartment-on-the-weekends-until-after-its-dark… you know who you are.

The spin works exactly the same as any other day, except when you select a Wednesday or Saturday date, you’ll be prompted to select evening or matinee. Your selected time slot (evening or matinee) will appear on your order confirmation and notifications on matinee days are sent out by 9:30 am. All Sunday spins are still matinees and all Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday spins are evening performances.

Matinees are something we’ve been working to add to our lineup for a while – largely because so many of our customers have been asking for them – so we’re thrilled to have completed this milestone before 2018 comes to a close. (See photo below 🙂

Whether you’re a seasoned rouletter or someone trying to get up the courage to spin the wheel (do it!), we look forward to helping you experience afternoons on the Great White Way very soon. Book your spin here.


Liz Durand Streisand, Cofounder & CEO + the team at Broadway Roulette