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How to Become a Beyond Broadway Influencer… You Know You Want to.



What’s a Beyond Broadway Influencer and how do you become one? We’re so glad you asked!

This kind of influencer. Photo: Instagram, @kaufman412.

This kind of influencer. Photo: Instagram, @kaufman412.

Broadway is the gold-standard for theater around the world, but some of the best shows in New York take place beyond the borders of the Great White Way. That’s why we’re expanding Beyond Broadway to create a curated roulette of quality shows all over the city. The venues tend to be more intimate. The content tends to fall between many different genres. Smaller budgets often equal bigger risks. Sorting through all of the options can be a challenge… and that’s where our Influencers come in.

Not this kind of influencer.

These Influencers won’t try to sell shampoo through promoted posts, or make it look like they’re in Argentina when they’re in New Jersey (though if you know how to do that, more power to you). They’ll see shows and tell us what they think so that we can create the best experience possible for theatergoers while supporting the industry as a whole. (Think honest reactions completed in a Buzzfeed-quiz format vs. snarky theater reviews. No one needs any more of those.)

Our goal is to assemble a diverse group with a wide variety of tastes to reflect the diversity of the general theatergoing audience. So whether you’ve self-produced 10 plays or you only go to see shows when your mom comes to town – as long as you love the experience of live theater and can make time to see shows on the regular, we want to hear from you.

We’ll be taking applications for this first round until December 15th, but we will update the Influencers every few seasons. Feel free to pass this on to friends, colleagues, and anyone else who’s game to help us discover new shows.

Click here to apply.


Liz Durand Streisand, Cofounder & CEO + the team at Broadway Roulette