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$100 Gift Card for $90: Because No One Needs Another Scented Candle



Calling everyone who loves giving gifts — and getting good deals! Broadway Roulette is here to save you from dealing with hardly-ever-working subways, overcrowded stores, and wrapping paper. Don’t even get us started on wrapping paper. (Though if you’re someone who is good at wrapping paper… we bow down.)

We want you to save while giving and put a smile on someone’s face without burning a hole in your wallet — which is why we’re offering $100 Broadway Roulette gift cards for only $90 from now through December 25. Your recipient will get a $100 gift card so they can experience the thrill of spinning the wheel anytime they want. You will get the joy of saving on the perfect present and a minimum of 10 minutes of your life back not struggling with Scotch tape.

When you are a wrapping queen.

When you are a wrapping queen.

Even better, our gift cards are now available with either immediate or scheduled delivery. Just enter the date you want the recipient to receive the digital gift card via email, and we’ll take care of the rest! So get your holiday shopping done during commercial breaks of Love, Actually… or Elf… or whatever other cinematic holiday classic you watch when it’s cold and gray out and you have new jammies to break in.

When all of your holiday shopping is done.

Get your $100 for only $90 here and never buy an overpriced scented candle again.


Liz Durand Streisand, Cofounder & CEO + the team at Broadway Roulette