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Would Cynthia Nixon Ever Go Back to Broadway?(!)


Broadway isn’t for the faint of heart — which might be why Cynthia Nixon likes it so much. The former Sex and the City star-turned-candidate for governor recently revealed whether she’d ever return to the Great White Way (though it’s probably contingent on how her political career plays out). Broadway Spin caught up with Nixon, as well five other bold female actresses to see if they’d ever go back to Broadway, or if they haven’t been there yet, whether they’d be willing to give it a shot.

Cynthia Nixon. Photo: Instagram, @cynthiaenixon.

Cynthia Nixon. Photo: Instagram, @cynthiaenixon.


Despite her potential career change, Cynthia Nixon seems game to take on the Great White Way again. “Yes. Of course! It’s really exciting to perform in front of a live audience. One of the great things about theater is to have a month-long rehearsal process to really develop a character. I love going to the theater as much as being in it. I love the experience of theater,” the two-time Tony winner gushed. “Also, I love being in New York. I have never lived anywhere else. When I was a kid what kept me in New York was the fact that I was in school. I learned quickly that I would make demands on jobs to accommodate my schooling and found they would do it. All these people would tell me that I had to move to California, it’s not true. I stuck to that and it panned out.”

Katie Holmes. Photo: Instagram, @katieholmes212.


Katie Holmes, who starred on Broadway in  Dead Accounts and All My Sons said she would “love” to go back. “I love doing theater. Performing on Broadway was one of my favorite times. The rehearsal process is my favorite because you transform as actors. The play transforms and becomes alive. You get close to your cast-mates and are doing something all together. You’re creating every single day and it’s really pure,” she gushed.

Mila Kunis.


The Spy Who Dumped Me star doesn’t share Holmes’ sentiments at all. Asked if she might ever try her hand at Broadway, she didn’t miss a beat. “No. No. It’s not for me. I think it’s a beautiful art form and I love going to the theater, but it’s definitely not something that I love doing. You should only do it if you love it and it’s your calling,” she reasoned.

Debra Messing. Photo: Instagram, @therealdebramessing.


Even though Will and Grace is back in full swing, Debra Messing wouldn’t say no to a return to the stage. “Yes. Absolutely!” she gushed. “Three years ago, I did my first Broadway show, Outside Mullingar, and it was a dream come true,” she revealed. “I love live theater and I think that is another reason why we are all so happy to be back doing Will and Grace. We perform live in front of a studio audience. We are able to do comedy where it is live theater. It feels like the perfect hybrid of television and theater. I think, I have sort of returned to my first passion, which is live theater. There is nothing like it.”

Jane Krakowski. Photo: Instagram, @ginacarlak.


“I hope so, as soon as they’ll have me again!” the Tony winner laughed when asked about a return to Broadway. ” I’m so thrilled to be a part of Kimmy Schmidt. And I was so thrilled to be a part of 30 Rock and Ally McBeal, all the TV shows that I’ve been a part of — but whenever I come back to the theatrer, it’s a bit of a homecoming for me so I’m always thrilled when they will have me.”

Tiffani Thiessen. Photo: Instagram, @tiffanithiessen.


“I would love to take a stab at a show on Broadway!” the Saved By the Bell alum revealed. “Being that I grew up in Southern California, theater sadly wasn’t as popular here. In all my years of traveling and then working in New York, I have definitely admired and enjoyed the art of theater. So would love to try it one day!”