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We Have a Referral Program and It’s So Fetch!



Every once in a while something happens that makes your heart sing. For us, that something is launching our official referral program! The goal is to thank our community for spreading the word in a fun and easy way.

Tell your tribe! Photo: Instagram, via rouletter @saradigiovanna.

Tell your tribe! Photo: Instagram, via rouletter @saradigiovanna.

Here’s how our referral program works:

1. Existing customers log into your account and enter a friend’s email address in the referral box to send them an email with an exclusive, one-time use code for $10 off their first order. (But don’t worry: We won’t spam them because that’s not fun or easy!)

2. When they place their first order, you’ll receive an email with a referral reward with a one-time use code for $10 off your next order!

3. There is no limit to the number of $10 referral rewards you can get, so tell your BFFs, family, colleagues, babysitters, dogsitters, girl gangs, mom squads, improv teams, hairstylists, baristas, life coaches… you get the idea.

So. Much. Yes. Photo: Instagram, via rouletter @martaginterdoula.

We’re big believers that Broadway makes life better and have designed this program to make using Broadway Roulette better still. Live theater is an experience like no other and the more shows you see, the more likely you are to see the ones that truly touch your heart (or make you laugh — which is sometimes just as good). Nothing makes us happier than seeing you out there having a blast on the Great White Way!

Photo: Instagram, via rouletter @jacmiller.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has taken a chance on our service so far and advanced gratitude for everyone who gives this new referral program a go. We hope to spin the wheel for you (again!) very soon.


Liz Durand Streisand, Cofounder & CEO + the team at Broadway Roulette