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Strong Female Lead: Orfeh Takes on Pretty Woman With Andy Karl by Her Side


Orfeh is one of Broadway’s golden voices. The Tony-nominated triple-threat is known for her powerhouse pipes and fierce vibrato. She has played everyone from Janis Joplin to Annette in Saturday Night Fever to Paulette in Legally Blonde. Two years ago, Jerry Mitchell, who directed her in Legally Blonde, called and said “I’ve got a part for you.” The role was Kit, Vivian’s BFF in Pretty Woman: The Musical.

Based on the beloved ‘90s classic, the show contains original music and lyrics by Bryan Adams and his longtime songwriting partner Jim Vallance – and the film’s late director Garry Marshall and screenwriter J.F. Lawton wrote the book. But the musical not only reunites Orfeh with Mitchell, but also with her real-life husband Andy Karl, who stars as Edward. (As a quick refresh, Karl and Orfeh both starred in Legally Blonde on Broadway.) Broadway Spin chatted with Orfeh about bringing Pretty Woman to Broadway with her better half and now we adore her even more.

Broadway Spin: What is it like to work with Andy?

Orfeh: We didn’t work together for a long time but are never happier than when we do! Recently, Andy has gone from show to show to show to show, and we literally never got to see each other – [ICYMI, he starred in Rocky and then Groundhog Day] – so it really is a joy to get to spend time together in such a great environment, having such a good time. The funny thing is I don’t have stage time with Andy in Pretty Woman. I think we are on stage together in the same moment once. But now we’re on the same schedule and we haven’t been in a really long time.

BS: Andy joined the show recently this past May. Do you run lines together?

Orfeh: He makes me run them with him. To drill his lines and help him learn the show in five days, I played every other character, so now I know every line, every song, every lyric, every part in the show! Backstage, I can yell people their lines if they miss them. They can just look at me. I’m always mouthing, “Say this!”

Orfeh and Andy Karl giving us major relationship goals. Photo: Instagram, @orfeh.

BS: What do you love to do on your day off?

Orfeh: I like to go to the gym. We love to see movies and spend as much time with our pups as possible. I have to constantly clean and get rid of extra stuff. That is my therapy. So on my rare day off, it’s movies, quiet, a really good meal and a lot of micro-cleaning.

BS: What qualities does Kit have that you love?

Orfeh: Of course, I love Kit’s sense of humor, her sass and that she’s not afraid. She will stand up to anybody. But what I love the most about her is that she is willing to let Vivian go. Kit genuinely wants the best for Vivian who is her best friend. She is willing to let Vivian go and get out of the world they are in. You would think Kit can’t let Vivian go. What would happen to her? But she doesn’t care about any of that. All she wants is for Vivian to get out and have the best life. I have friends like that. I’d like to think I have also been that friend.

Pretty Woman: The Musical begins previews tonight and tickets are in play at Broadway Roulette.