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Is Corey Cott Coming to Riverdale?



Corey Cott comes from a talented family. He made a name for himself starring in Broadway shows, while his brother, Casey, found a home on the hit show Riverdale. But now Corey is making his way to the big screen, courtesy of “Bandstand: The Broadway Musical on Screen” (showing tonight at 700 movie theaters across the country – tickets here!). Broadway Spin caught up with the triple-threat to hear about balancing fatherhood with a career on the Great White Way – and whether he would ever team up with his famous sibling.

Corey Cott and his son Elliott. Photo: Instagram, @naponacott.

Corey Cott and his son Elliott. Photo: Instagram, @naponacott.

Broadway Spin: Your son just turned one. How are you balancing working in theater and fatherhood?

Corey Cott: My unreal wife. My amazing wife! I don’t know how she does it, but she’s so selfless and makes every effort to be a mom first and foremost so I can pursue my dream. She’s the best. I don’t give her enough credit.

BS: Did you get any fatherhood tips from other Broadway dads?

CC: Oh yeah! We had a lot of dads in our company so I picked their brains a lot, and I have a lot of dads around me in my life in general. They really helped me, gave me a lot of feedback and instruction and stuff.

Corey Cott and his wife Megan Woollard at the 2018 Tony Awards. Photo: Instagram, @naponacott.

BS: This is an interesting blend of theatre and film. Do you want to cross over into film at some point?

CC: Oh yeah, absolutely. That’s really what I want to do. I’ve done a lot of TV and I have a lot of ideas for movies and movies that I’m involved with on the other side of things right now – I really want to do film. I’ll never give up theater, but film is really what I’m setting my sights toward right now.

Casey Cott, Corey Cott, and their dad enjoying some father-sons bonding time. Photo: Instagram, @caseycott.

BS: Would you ever cameo in Riverdale with your brother? CC: Oh yeah, 100%! BS: What role would you envision on that show?

CC: I think I’d be a long-lost brother to Kevin Keller or something – but the complete opposite, like a jerk, a degenerate, a drunk or something; “the other side of the tracks” type; The Serpents, whatever that gang is that Jughead is in, something like that. But definitely a long-lost estranged brother.

Our thoughts on the idea?

Waving through a window, Riverdale-style, starring Casey Cott. Photo: Instagram, @caseycott.


“Bandstand: Broadway Musical on Screen,” presented by Fathom Events, plays June 28 across the country.