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Stage to Street: Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz and Sara Bareilles.

Jason Mraz and Sara Bareilles.

Stage to Street: Waitress’ Jason Mraz The singer and now Broadway actor talks about his post-show ritual.

If you’ve ever waited outside a stage door, you’ve definitely wondered what Broadway stars do after they make their final bow — probably on one of those freezing cold nights when you desperately want an autograph and your attempts to telepathically lure them out seem to fail. Our Stage to Street column answers that question, whether you need makeup-removal tips, comfy clothing brands, relaxation recommendations, or just some reading material while you wait with your Playbill and pen.

Jason Mraz, who plays Dr. Jim Pomatter in Waitress, may be a Broadway virgin, but he already knows the remedy for cooling down post show. “I was taught to warm down,” Mraz told Broadway Spin of his stage-to-street ritual.

Jason Mraz and Sara Bareilles hanging backstage with Reba McEntire. Photo via @sarabareilles Instagram.

Jason Mraz and Sara Bareilles hanging backstage with Reba McEntire. Photo via @sarabareilles Instagram.

“The same way we warm up, I was taught to warm down.” Mraz cannot simply walk from the stage to the stage door without a break in between. “Sometimes my energy is still very high. Your body is vibrating. Your mind is going crazy. You’re either ecstatic because the show went really well, or you’re in your head about things that could have been better,” he shared. We have a feeling it’s mostly the former for the Grammy-winning artist. “I try to warm myself down really well. Not make myself wrong. Not congratulate myself too much either.”

What is “The Remedy” singer’s warm-down, exactly? “There is actually physical voicing that I do,” Mraz revealed before demonstrating a soft and slow “uhhhhhhhh” sound. It doesn’t sound like much, but he has enough onstage experience to know what works.

“It’s like if you just ran a marathon, you don’t want to just sit down. You kind of have to walk it off. So I walk it off.” Before hitting the streets, he eats “a little food, a little protein, something to nourish the body,” he said. “I have a little warm beverage; I love a good tea at night, like some chamomile.” His post show snack is cereal. “I love a bowl of cereal — usually the healthier cereals, like granola. That starts to wind me down.” And if you’re hoping to chat with Mraz at the stage door, don’t be offended if he’s not so responsive. “I try not to talk too much either.”

Jason Mraz enjoying some post-show chamomile tea... maybe. Photo via @jason_mraz Instagram.

Jason Mraz enjoying some post-show chamomile tea… maybe. Photo via @jason_mraz Instagram.

Jason Mraz stars in the Tony Award-winning show through Feb 11 opposite Sara Bareilles — and tickets are in play through Broadway Roulette.