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Sorry, Girls: If You Date Josh Groban, He Will Not Sing to You

Photo: Jessica Earnshaw for OMB - Cecily Strong and Josh Groban

Photo: Jessica Earnshaw for OMB – Cecily Strong and Josh Groban


Party like a rock Broadway star! On November 6, some of Broadway’s best and brightest gathered at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in New York for the annual gala, Make Believe on Broadway. Hosted by Saturday Night Live mainstay Cecily Strong (who has not, herself, been on Broadway…yet!), the star-studded night raised $1.14 million for Only Make Believe, a non-profit organization that creates interactive theater for children in hospitals and other care facilities. This year, the soiree honored chief legal officer of Apollo Global Management, John Suydam, and Grammy and Tony nominee Josh Groban.

Photo: Jessica Earnshaw for OMB - Betsy Wolfe

Photo: Jessica Earnshaw for OMB – Betsy Wolfe

In attendance were Waitress star Betsy Wolfe, Anastasia‘s Ramin Karimloo, Frozen‘s Greg Hildreth, plus Broadway vets Montego Glover, Siobhan Dillon, Lena Hall, Sierra Boggess, and honoree Josh Groban, of course. We caught up with the man of the hour to get the lowdown on life after The Great Comet and…well…his dating strategy. Asked if he would ever return to Broadway, Groban didn’t miss a beat.

“Yeah. I would,” he exclusively told Broadway Spin. “I keep talking about it with friends and producers and stuff. It took a lot out of me. I’m not going to lie. The grind of it was something like I’ve never done before, but I was just thinking about it this week.”

Photo: Alan Perlman for OMB - Apparently, Josh Groban is shy.

Photo: Alan Perlman for OMB – Apparently, Josh Groban is shy.

“I just miss the friendships. I miss the camaraderie. I miss the work ethic. Every single person that I’ve met and worked with on Broadway has just touched my life in such a special way. Some of the best friends I’ve had to date. I just miss the live-ness of it – especially with a show that was as immersive as Great Comet was – you know – you don’t get that every day in the music world. And the music world, too, you’re a solo artist. You’re always kind of in the spotlight, and I loved sharing a story with everybody,” he mused. “So, yes. In a few years.”

In fact, Groban has already started thinking about the next role he’d like to play. The only problem? Jake Gyllenhaal beat him to it.

“Oh man. Well, Jake already did it with Sunday in the Park With George, so I need to wait on that one for 10 years,” Groban said of his dream role, “But I’ll be too old to do that one again.” At least he had a back-up plan ready to go: “I would also love to do Sweeney Todd,” he conceded. “But honestly, I was spoiled by the newness of Great Comet and what that brought to Broadway. I think in the future, I’d want to do the same thing – work with the composer from the beginning and try to do something people haven’t seen before.”

Photo: Alan Perlman for OMB - Josh Groban and Lena Hall.

Photo: Alan Perlman for OMB – Josh Groban and Lena Hall.

When it comes to his dating life, though, Groban is a bit less forthcoming with his musical skill. Asked if he has ever serenaded anyone he has dated, Groban laughed, “No. Never in a million years! It would be so embarrassing. I’m always very very shy about, well, dating in general, but just singing to me seems very very cheesy, to me. I don’t know. Maybe some people do. It’s very different if I’m inviting someone to a show, who I’m dating, but no.” He quickly added, “The person that I would date would probably tell me to shut the hell up if I sang to them.”