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Do These Stars Have the Guts to Take on Broadway?!


Broadway is not for the faint of heart. Up to 8 live shows a week can take a toll on even the most gifted of actors (remember when Jeremy Piven bowed out of Speed the Plow because of… umm… “mercury poisoning?”). Broadway Spin rounded up 7 of our favorite stars to find out if they have the guts to take on the Great White Way. And good news: You might get to see Fergie’s husband on stage one day.

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“Oh, absolutely!” the newlywed star gushed. “That’s on my goal list! That is honestly in the top five on my bucket list of things I want to do. I’m a native New Yorker, obviously, I started out in music and I love acting. I think Broadway is the ultimate place to combine all of my favorite loves: singing, acting, dancing, and New York! These are a few of my favorite things, all in one place. I’m ready! Petition them. Tell them to call me!” 


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“I’m dying to do it! I started in the theater and that was all I did for years and I’ve never been on Broadway,” she revealed. The thought has definitely crossed her mind: In fact, she’s even got a specific role picked out. “I’ve always wanted to play Maggie the cat in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” she added. “That was always my dream. I don’t know, I might have aged out of that a little bit, but, you know, I’m just going to put it out there. I can still hope!”


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Jeffrey Tambor got his start in the theater, but would he go back? “Oh, I would love to,” he told Broadway Roulette. “But I would have to think about it. I’m not 20 years old anymore. Eight shows a week is hard. My Transparent cast mate, Judith Light, she’s all over it. She gets a Tony for going to the catering department. She’s amazing.” He paused and added, “It’s a tough gig, but I probably will do it again before I leave the planet. I think I need to do it again.”


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The Jane the Virgin star has dreams of making it to the Great White Way. “Yes! 100%!” she gushed. “It’s just finding the time.” Still, the 32-year-old actress is determined to make it happen, eventually. “I will find the time! Broadway is definitely on the list. I went to NYU Tisch School of the Arts, so I started in theater. I did traveling theater. I love the stage.” As for a dream role, her manager chimed in that he’d love to see her play Rita Moreno’s role in West Side Story, but Rodriguez had something else in mind. “I’d love to play Mimi in Rent,” she revealed. “I love Rent! I’ve seen it so many times.” Her manager then noted that Rodriguez’s training also included a dance background, but she shied away from labeling herself as a triple threat. “I’m not that good of a singer,” she said. “I’m more like, a two-and-a-half threat.”


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“Yeah, I would try Broadway, actually. I’ve done a little bit of stage stuff but never like a formal play on Broadway,” Josh Duhamel explained. In his youth, he would help “put up Tennessee Williams-type plays for student groups,” an experience that the Transformers star describes as “the most most nerve-wracking, terrifying thing that I’ve ever done.” Still, he said he “was always glad that I did it.” Fergie’s husband added, “There is something intoxicating about being up there in front of people where you have to kind of walk the high wire and there’s no second takes. You’ve got to do it. It’s all about the prep and it’s all about  just going for it and there’s something about that that I love. I hope I get to do Broadway some day.”  


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The 24 star has learned that being a massive TV star does have its drawbacks: Namely, it pretty much kills his ability to be on Broadway. “I did That Championship Season a few years ago which was about nine months. The problem is, is the amount of time that it takes. I had done eight seasons of 24, wanted to take a break, realized that wasn’t a great idea, so the play made sense. This show, Designated Survivor, is potentially an eight year commitment. There’s no way to fit a play in those circumstances. So you just have to pick. Up until maybe 15 years ago I had still done as much theater as I had film work and everything else. I managed to keep a balance to it. Once you get in the world of television wave it good-bye,” he reported. Perhaps that’s why Sutherland has found another creative outlet: Music.

“Playing music is actually easier.  I can book a show on a Saturday night. You get on the bus, you play and you come right back. That’s inherently much easier to accomplish and maintain than a play. Even with the turnaround that we’re going to have this year it would have been impossible to do a film. So music is the one other thing that I can actually do concurrently with the show.”


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Max Irons would love to be on Broadway, but isn’t sure it’s possible. “Oh, I’d love to do theater in New York. But of course, with the unions and being an Englishmen, you have to transfer over from the West End,” the Bitter Harvest star reported. “I lived in New York for two years. And I used to look at the actors on Broadway with very jealous eyes because it seemed so magical.”