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Beauty and the Bandstand and a Shamrock Shake



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Laura Osnes is more than just a pretty face. She’s also the voice behind McDonald’s TV and radio commercials. (OK, that’s not actually why we’re fans, but it’s true!) But we caught up with her because this two-time Tony nominee is the star of the upcoming show Bandstand: The New American Musical on Broadway. Previews start the last day in March, but they’re already hard at work. “It’s going really great. I’m so excited and thrilled that the show is finally coming to Broadway,” the former Cinderella gushed exclusively to Broadway Spin, noting that she’d been part of the development process for the last two-and-a-half years.

It might sound surprising that the star of a show is involved in the creation process, but for a new musical (vs. a revival), that’s not so unusual. “Often, there are readings that are done in New York and then a lot of times an out of town production, which we did with Bandstand last fall at Paper Mill Playhouse,” she explained. ICYMI, Paper Mill Playhouse is a regional theater in New Jersey that has served as a launch pad for many Broadway-bound shows. (So if you’re in the Garden State it’s worth checking out.)

“What’s cool is that they started to really build the role around me,” she added with a smile. “I’ve contributed to the role, but then they’ve also helped shape my performance, so it’s really exciting.” She’s also excited that St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner because her favorite Micky D’s treat is the Shamrock Shake —  though she cautioned revelers to refrain from drinking an entire one alone. Good advice from a great talent.